02 October 2007


Eric Demay "1Ka"
"Dança do metal"

I started artistic activity by photographic work in 1987.The motivation was to make dream report by random mixing and body art performance.
Exhibition 1991 Toulouse(France) university, Castres Printemps de la photo 1992

Then I gradually get involved into musical experiments, musical psychodrama, mixing short movies multi-projection and performance. Le cirque vicieux (band name) turned around Europe from 1992 to 1995 (Paris,Geneve,Marseille). The purpose was a global artistic experience in the spirit of the Dada movement.

At the same time, discovering industrial music’s radical revolution, I developed from 1992 to 1994 with the underground performance company Beurre ou Ordinaire a different way of expression based on massive installation, chaos multi-noises sound system, taboo transgression and pop culture humor. Touring south France to Belgium.
At this time my activity was photo, video, sound composition and performance.
Then in 1995 I decided to create my own industrial band: 1 KA. We found a laboratory in an empty factory in Toulouse, this allowed us a great freedom of creativity: metal chimney sound installation, mirrors projection installation, wild and sometimes dangerous performances. The theme is how industrial environment (repetition, Chemical Device, stress) progressively turns human being into a kind of mutant. So we used to fill All space with various materials and make no difference between stage and audience space. What we enjoyed, most of all, was to invite the audience in unusual industrial places.

This was also the great time of the techno free party movement and I joined this self ruled tribal organization as a live set musician from 1997 to 2003.

So in 1997 in Berlin I met the So To Do performance gallery and started working with
International performance congress as a techno and experimental musician (Paris, Berlin 1997 1998 2001 2002).I also realized video installation and audio video symbiosis ‘Video Beat’ 1998.This led me to Seoul international performance festival in 2004 organized by Art Space Hue and Gwan Ju biennale 2004, Seo San art center 2006 (experimental music for Soro performance unit), Sete(France) international performance festival infr’action 2004, Lisboa (Portugal) international festival 2006.

Beside, I work on audio sculpture projects for gallery,’The speech machine’ is an hardware realization which purpose is to reveal the empowered structure of ordinary speeches: Ateliers Lorette (Marseille,France) 2004.
I am also interested in teaching activity for young peoples about electro acoustic sound practice, residence in Reillane 2002 2003 south France. The philosophy is: with the recording technology, the main instrument is the ear and imagination. Another important point is which kind of energy we use for this, so working with Apu2m French association, we gradually raise up a multi media solar and wind energy drive system.

Internet multi media poetry work with Luc Kerleo at http://decomposeur.servhome.org/

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